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CSR24 – Your 24/7 Access to policy information

Stratton Agency utilizes the very best technology partners to drive customer experience and satisfaction.  Administration costs and resource utilization is our focus while implementing systems that help our customers in property & casualty tasks and employee communication, benefits administration and compliance.  Contact Stratton Agency today to learn how we can help.

CSR24 – Our Online Solution connecting you with all your insurance administration needs.

For your business to be successful, the requirements of your vendors must be met and exceeded. This means adopting innovative technology that is multichannel, mobile and fast. Stratton Agency meets this demand.

Stratton Agency CSR24, is a self-service software that satisfies our client’s demand for anywhere, anytime access to policy information. We provide 24/7 access to insurance policy information, claims filing and processing, premium payments, and insurance documents through a custom-branded client portal available on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Policy Summaries: Get policy information including policy numbers, effective dates, premiums and coverage limits.
Policy Documents: Take advantage of our agencies 10 years of paperless environment with online access to important documents like insurance policies, policy endorsements, and human resource documentation.
Claims Filing:  Our on-demand claim filing system allows clients up submit claims to Nine Point 24/7. From there our team will take a strategic approach in the handling your claims in a timely and professional manner. 
Access to Free HR/Safety Webinars:  Gain access to free hr/safety webinars given by our sister company HR Ideas. Weekly “Live” webinars will allow you and your team to stay up to date with current HR topics and trends.
Certificate of Insurance Automation:   Whether you need a new certificate or are going through your renewal process, CSR24 give you the most streamlined approach to get certificates issued in the industry

Automated On-Boarding & Benefits Management

New Hire Onboarding

HR can onboard employees faster and easier, giving employees a great first day without stacks of paperwork. Create tasks in minutes and let employees breeze through onboarding without breaking a sweat.

Time-off Administration & Tracking

Setting up and administering time-off packages has never been easier. Configure a PTO package unique to your company and let employees use their self service tool to request time off in a few clicks. This is what modern time-off tracking looks like.

Online Benefits Enrollment

No more tracking down insurance applications or beneficiary forms. With Employee Navigator your employees get a simple modern enrollment experience without the headaches.

HRIS Database

Get your employee data out of the filing cabinet and into a single, secure platform. Then enjoy the benefits of accurate employee data, a powerful reporting engine, and much more. This is what modern HR looks like.

Compliance &
ACA Tracking

ACA Compliance

We’ll help take care of all things ACA, including ongoing tracking, 1094-C and 1095-C eligibility reporting with our easy to use ACA dashboard

Safety & Training

Automate your safety and training tasks. Employees can review OSHA videos or compliance documents, and HR can track their progress.


Get employees up to speed quickly. Collect EEOC information, emergency contacts and more without breaking a sweat.

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