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Stratton Agency is a leading provider of insurance brokerage, risk management and insurance technologies to businesses and individuals nationwide. As a full service provider of insurance and risk management services we work closely with our clients to understand their business and objectives. We then match our capabilities to deliver integrated, custom solutions geared to the major risks common to all industries. With Stratton Agency, clients feel confident they are working with a team of professionals who knows how to effectively manage their specific insurance and risk management challenges. We take pride in customizing our solutions to the most complex of problems and finding a solution that works for you.


Why Choose Stratton Agency

Stratton Agency offers its clients the marketplace access of a large brokerage while providing a high level of personalized service. Client retention is the measure of our success and the foundation of our future growth.

We readily recognize that our success is best built on an accumulation of long-term loyal clients rather than a larger number of new clients that only stay with us for a short while.

Stratton Agency can provide coverage proposals for nearly every type of industry and for nearly every type of risk exposure. In the event that we are not able to provide a proper solution, we pride ourselves on being candid and providing contact with a more appropriate resource.

Client Retention
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With more than 25,000 insurance agencies/brokerages operating in the United States, you have many choices as to how your insurance needs are met and with whom you will place your trust.

Your choices include dealing directly with the insurance company, dealing with an agent that only represents one company or dealing with an independent broker that represents you to many companies throughout the insurance marketplace.

An independent brokers primary obligation is to the client not the insurance company. By the nature of their existence, independent brokers place the clients interest first when negotiating coverage terms, assisting with claims and providing risk management advice.

As a privately held company Stratton Agency is not burdened by performance pressure and we do not have individual profit centers. This structure gives us the freedom to act in the best interest of our clients allowing Stratton to offer the most competitive terms and pricing available in traditional and specialty insurance.

Client service can often be measured by how the most common tasks are completed. This is how we approach the five most common tasks:

  • Telephone calls are returned promptly (usually within an hour)
  • Certificates of Insurance are issued within 24 hours
  • Our office is highly automated for responsive, efficient service
  • Marketing strategies are reviewed with the client 90 days prior to renewal
  • Renewal proposals are presented at the earliest date possible

IIABA Best Practices Winner

For 6 Years, Stratton Agency has been an IIABA Best Practices Agency.

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