New I-9 Available – Fines Recently Doubled!

By January 17, 2017HR, Private, Public Blogs

Employers have until Jan. 22, 2017, to get up to speed on using the newest version of the Form I-9, marked 11/14/2016 (upper right hand corner of the I-9). The version that has been in effect since 2013 (marked 03/08/13) will become obsolete on that date.

Failure to use the new form beginning Jan. 22 will expose employers to penalties, which were recently doubled!

“Employers will find that the Form I-9 in many ways is very similar to the previous version, but some individual fields and the form instructions have been revised. The acceptable documents list and retention requirements have remained the same. Employers are not required to use the new I-9 on existing employees.

There are now three ways for users to complete the Form I-9:

  • Print it and fill it out manually, pen to paper.
  • Fill it out electronically, then print and sign it. Take note that using the online “smart” version of the form does not qualify as a compliant electronic I-9. If the online fillable version is used, it must be printed and signed pen to paper.
  • Use an electronic I-9 vendor.

If relying on a vendor, employers should compare the electronic product and the fields and requirements of the new I-9 version to ensure the vendor is collecting all the necessary information.

How about those new fine increases for improperly filling out an I-9? Civil penalties for I-9 Paperwork violations went from $110.00 – $1,100.00 to $216.00 – $2,156.00 per violation! If those violations were not expensive enough in the first place, the new violations should get your attention!


There are some changes to the new I-9 that you will need to be aware of. If you should have any questions involving how to properly fill out your new I-9, please contact your HR Ideas Specialist at 530-300-1034.

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