The Basics to Wage & Hour Laws and Lawsuits

By October 13, 2016HRI Events

Focus Groups — All employers

Who Should Attend — Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources, and Owners

Webinar — 1 hour PowerPoint

COST: Non-Clients $49.00, HRI Clients, GGRA, & PACE are Free (with coupon code)

This webinar will focus on what we see that employers are still doing wrong that causes an employee or employees to file civil action against their employer including class action lawsuits.
The webinar will cover such topics as:

Meal & Rest Breaks
Donning & Doffing
Show-up Pay
Clocking In and Out

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2016 Nov 2 @ 3:00PM – The Basics to Wage & Hour Laws and Lawsuits


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