El Cerrito Readying for First Minimum Wage Hike

El Cerrito readying for first minimum wage hike.

El Cerrito is preparing for the first increment of a set of four minimum wage increases to take place between July 1 and Jan. 1, 2019 that will ultimately increase base bay for all workers to $15 an hour.

The first increase, on July 1, will raise base pay for all workers to $11.60 per hour from the current statewide standard of $10 an hour. The minimum wage will then rise to $12.25 an hour on Jan. 1, 2017 and $13.60 per hour on Jan. 1, 2018 before climbing to $15 an hour a year later. From then on it will increase annually according to the local Consumer Price Index. Also:

• The minimum wage requirements apply to part-time or full-time employees in El Cerrito who work at least two hours a week.
• Tips received by restaurant workers or other tipped employees do not count toward meeting the minimum wage requirement.
• Employers will be required to post the city’s official minimum wage bulletin in the workplace.
• If 10 percent or more of workers speak a language other than English, the bulletin must also be posted in that language.
• All employees must receive a written copy of the employer’s name, address and telephone number.
• Employers must also document all hours worked by employees and keep records for at least three years and, upon request, provide employees with a written copy of their records within 10 days and allow city representatives access to worksites and records.
• It is against the law for employers to discriminate or retaliate against employees for exercising their rights under the ordinance.

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