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Hand Washing

Make the Workplace Safer

  • Keep all restrooms clean and report any problems with restrooms to your Supervisor.
  • When possible use washing facilities that provide hot water.
  • If water is spilled, make sure it doesn’t become a slip hazard.

    Follow Safe Work Practices

  • Always use warm water and liquid soap.
  • Work up a good lather that covers the entire hand and wrist. Rinse the soap off and dry your hands using disposable towels, not your apron.
  • Make sure you properly dispose of the paper towel.
  • Always cover any open sores on your hands with a sterile medical covering after you wash your hands.
  • If you handle raw food, wearing the proper gloves is always advisable.
  • Fingernails should be short and clean.
  • Nail polish, false nails and acrylic nails should not be worn while handling food.

    Disease Control

    Follow Safe Work Practices

    • Do not come to work if you have a temperature, cough or runny nose or have just had them and wish to return to work.
    • Always use proper sneezing etiquette.
    • If you start to bleed, take immediate action to stop the bleeding and make sure the blood has not spread to any surfaces or dishes, etc.
    • Use a restaurant-approved disinfectant and sterilize working surfaces often.
    • When handling raw food, make sure you wear the appropriate gloves,hair net and apron as approved by your employer.
    • Never eat, smoke or drink liquids in or around food preparation and eating areas.
    • If you become sick while at work, notify your Supervisor immediately.

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